bff r bfnot?




poo bff

Friendships between Americans tend to be shorter and less intense than those between people from many other cultures, because Americans are taught to be self-reliant and live in a very mobile society. Friendships are “compartmentalized” with “friends at work,” or “friends at school.” Americans often seem very friendly, even when you first meet them. This friendliness does not always mean that the person is looking for a deeper relationship. Many Americans are pleasant and professional, but indirect and hide their true emotions/feelings. Being polite is important in this culture, and sometimes they may keep being nice to you even if they do not wish to pursue a deeper friendship.

Approaching another person with a positive attitude will get you further than aggressiveness, which is usually not tolerated. It is best at times to be smart and not right, even if you are sure that the other person is wrong.  Pleasant but direct words at the right time and place can save misunderstandings and improve relations.


America lets go get a new friend today!

Editorial provided by Arona Maskil, Director, EdcuationUSA center in Tel Aviv, Israel.